Day Spa Services

Taking time out to relax is an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy U. We offer many services to treat yourself to. The benefit to your overall well-being is priceless. U are worth it!


  • Experience deep relaxation and overall well-being while giving your skin exceptional results


  • Sit back, relax and feel the stress of life leave while we brighten up your toes

Group Pedicures

  • Good friends should be cherished, and what better way, then to enjoy a pedicure together


  • Put your best hands forward with our manicures and nail services

Body Wraps

  • Drift away into deep relaxation while receiving nourishing and therapeutic results for your skin


  • Unwind and relax and let your tension melt away as well as treat muscle tension, painful areas and knots

Day Spa Packages

  • The fun just doesn’t stop while you enjoy your favorite treatments all on the same day

Body Waxing

  • Look your best with smooth hair free skin so you can throw that razor away


  • Experience the amazing results of Jane Iredale Mineral makeup that will protect and nourish your skin

Permanent Makeup

  • Micro Pigmentation is recognized as the “leading technique in the field” for safety and accuracy
* Disclaimer: Results may vary